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The Beginning
February 19, 2010, 3:30 am
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I was originally born in Alamogordo, NM but I always tell people that I am born and raised in Tallahassee, FL. This is where I have lived most of my life anyways. When I was a child I was very active in the physical sports, gymnastics and softball mostly. I was an excellent gymnast and sometime wish that I didn’t quit when I got into high school. From the beginning of my life I can remember being very active and wanting to do things on my own. My parents always talk about how I could climb up the stairs backwards before I could even walk, climb out of my crib at an early age, and climb fences (sometimes in my birthday suit!). I guess it was a good thing my parents put me in gymnastics where all of my energy could be released.

I graduated from Lincoln High School in 2006 and attended TCC where I earned my Associates of Arts degree. I am currently attending Florida State where I am earning a Bachelors degree in Art History and French. I am doing great, almost done with Art History part of my degree. I will soon have to focus more on the French major of my degree. I am really excited to be studying this two specialization because they have so much in common with one another.  Sometimes I can get frustrated with French though, it is getting tough.